Specialized Certification

Specialized Certification

CIS SPCs are specialized (stand-alone) professional certifications that give the holder a licence to practice in a specific area of the Capital Market. They are intended for candidates that wish to focus and specialize in their core area of duty. The following are the Specialized Certification Programmes available:

  1. Commodity Trading and Derivatives
  2. Equities Dealing
  3. Fixed Income Dealing
  4. Share Registration & Custodianship Services
  5. Investment Management
  6. Financial Advisory

Four Specialised Professional Certifications will qualify the holder to become an Associate (ACS) member of the Institute 

Benefits of the CIS Specialised Professional Certifications

  • The Specialised Professional Certification programmes enhance the knowledge and competence of candidates in C.I.S. professional Examinations as the examinations are streamlined and focused to specific areas of the Capital Market.
  • These examinations test the body of knowledge relevant to a member’s specific job function. The programmes take into consideration the various roles within the Investment and securities profession.
  • The Specialised Certification Programmes can be completed within a shorter period and therefore enable new members to come into the Securities and Investment profession faster. This leads to increased number of entrants into the industry.

Requirement for Registration as a CIS Specialised Professional Certification Student

The requirements for registration as a CIS Specialised Professional Certification student are the same as CIS Omnibus professional programme. The student must, among other things:

  1. Holders of a first degree or its equivalent in any field.
  2. Holders of CIS Diploma or other recognised Professional Certificates (such as ACA, ACCA, ACIB, ACIS, CFA, ACIS, ACII, etc) can apply.
  3. be in good financial standing

For Whom?

The CIS Specialised Professional Certifications Programmes should be of special interest to:

  • CIS Professional Diploma holders
  • Back office staff of all stockbroking firms
  • Civil servants
  • Staff of Government Parastatals
  • Staff of Capital Market Registrars
  • Professionals and practitioners in other fields (Bankers, Journalists, etc)
  • Staff of Finance, Money and Capital Market Regulatory Authorities (SEC, CBN, NSE, NDIC, etc)
  • Employees of Fund Managers, PFAs, Insurance Companies, etc.
  • Academics in Finance, Securities and Investment
  • People who would like to focus, specialise and practice in specific areas of the capital market.
  • Practitioners in the field of Social and Economic research

Exam Registration

Registration for the CIS Specialised (stand-alone) Professional Certification examinations has already started. The examination will take place on the last Tuesdays and Wednesdays of March and September every year.

Student Registration for new students is N21,000.00. This does not apply to existing Registered Omnibus Professional Examination students in good financial standing

Exam Registration fee  N50, 000 per standalone examination. The examination fee covers Paper 2.4 and a standalone paper.

Exemption/Transition Period

A student who has acquired a Specialised Professional Certification (SPC) will be exempted from taking Paper 2.4 if he wants to take another Specialised professional Certification (SPC) Course. However, this exemption is for a maximum period of 3 years (6 diets) from the time he/she passed the paper 2.4 initially. After that period, he/she will have to take paper 2.4 again, if he wants to acquire any of the other Specialised Professional Certifications. There will be no exemption for an SPC (Stand Alone) paper. A student can write as many SPC (Stand Alone) exams as possible in any diet so long as the papers do not clash according to the Exam time table for that diet. Although, he/she cannot combine SPC (Stand Alone) exams with Omnibus professional examinations at the same time in the same diet.

There will be a transitional arrangement for a period of two years during which eligible students in the current Omnibus professional examination scheme can apply and be awarded Specialised Professional Certifications as specified below.

During the transition period, existing Omnibus professional examination students can use the transition period to complete their omnibus professional exams and qualify as Graduates of the Institute. They can also decide to switch over and write any of the standalone exams.Candidates who have passed three papers, including paper 2.4, in the Omnibus professional examination are qualified for a SPC as specified above, after the payment of the sum of fifty thousand naira only (N50, 000) as exemption fee plus the payment and attendance of CPD programme specially designed for that SPC . Such a student must be in good financial standing, having cleared all his outstanding financial obligations to the Institute.



The Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers (CIS) is an Institute chartered by Act of parliament of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1992 with the responsibility of providing professional qualification for Stockbrokers and other Securities and Investment professionals.
The CIS regulates the activities of over 15,000 members (students, associates, fellows and graduates, Stock Marketing Agent, diploma, e.t.c.). The Institute also processes and manages registration of its members, examination, financial and legal information in order to achieve its objectives.


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